Week 2 – Leak 2

I should have started the blog earlier so I’d remember exactly the timing, but we were too busy dealing with the water leaks. So, another catch up from the first few weeks in the house.

Something was odd with the kitchen sink during the pre-purchase inspection, but it’s only now clear what it was. That was the first tap we tried during the inspection, and it only gave a trickle of water. That made us wonder if the water was turned off but we checked other rooms and the water was fine. When we went back to the kitchen, it seemed fine too, though the faucet had a bit of a leak. We moved on.

The first week or so after we bought the house, I still noticed the leak but it was only a little annoying. It was only the second week or so – still before we moved in – that I noticed the water got hot even when I turned it to cold. I just hadn’t run it long enough in the past.

So, that little leak turned out to have been a much worse leak, but the previous owner had decided to just shut off the cold water to the sink to solve the problem. When I turned it back on, the slow drip became much more annoying. So, I turned it back off and we only had hot water again.

But, instead of leaving it off, I took the faucet apart so I could bring the parts to the hardware store and find replacements.


After a second trip to get a more complete repair kit, the problem was solved. We had both hot and cold water again, at least for that week…

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