You can’t unpack boxes without a place to put the stuff. Today, we finally finished some shelves – lots of shelves. Most of them are in the new pantry, which used to be a little room off the kitchen with a utility sink that wasn’t even hooked up.


Removing the drain was easy – cut the PVC and tighten a plug. Removing the hot and cold water lines not so much – but, since they weren’t actually hooked up to the utility sink, they’re still just dead-ended along the floor, waiting for the day when I have the water shut off to do real plumbing work.

After adding some insulation to the wall, that little room turned out to hold a lot of shelves.


The wired shelving is easy to install on plain drywall. This room wasn’t plain drywall. Somehow, those wooden slats in the first picture were running behind every place I wanted to put an anchor.

The ones behind the washing machine went in as advertised – much easier.


A shelf in the front entry closet for hats and gloves rounded out the day.

Maybe with a bigger car I wouldn’t have to cut drywall in the parking lot in order to get it home…


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