Closing Day

OK, so this was the official beginning. Closing day. Excited. Naive, it turns out. Happy to have it be official. We have one month of overlap with both houses – the idea being that we can get some clean up and painting done. There are a long list of projects to be tackled. It will turn out to have been a very incomplete list..

The journey begins

So, this isn’t actually the beginning, but it’s the first photo of us in front of the house. I’ll add some posts later to fill in the story so far – and some of the more interesting stories and pictures from the past few months.

This was “landscape demo day”, where we cleared out some of the overgrown brush and cut back the vines. I’d already taken a chainsaw to the wisteria that was growing in through the storm windows and weighing down the porch.

Bill Whitney (Whitney Designs) had tagged the landscaping that was appropriate for the early 1800s so we could keep that and clear out the rest to start fresh in the spring. Our new neighbor John volunteered not just his trailer to haul debris to the town dump but also himself. He put in a full day helping us remove three loads of brush and two loads of dried leaves for Tom’s compost pile down the street.

We also found that the bush in the driveway was covering up a well. Not just a dry hole in the ground but what looks like it could be used today for irrigation (if we ever needed it).

Some nice, visible progress and a chance to say “we’re here”. It’s also clear that this is not a project we can race through – not a sprint or even a marathon; it’s a journey.